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Track back your cotton with C-Trak

Transparency is another form of gratification.

At The Creative Texture, we are passionate about our products and pride over its purity and comfort. Adding a personal touch to our products, we have introduced a cotton traceability system, the C-Trak App, a humble way of gratifying our customers with our hallmark assurance of quality.

With C-Trak on their smart phones, customers can simply scan the QR code in the label and view the journey of their cotton product, tracking all the way back to the farm. C-Trak presents comprehensive details about the cotton, the farmer, the location of the farm, including the artisans and factory workers involved in the making of the product.

The objective of C-Trak is to encourage and support organic farming. Organically grown cotton not only has health benefits but also helps in conserving nature’s goodness. Farmers forego several tempting yet harmful practices and choose green-conscious cultivation methods to produce eco-friendly organic cotton.

By opting to buy organic cotton, farmers reap the benefits directly for their green-efforts, and that’s why we use only organic cotton for our pure cotton range of products. As a consumer, you too can choose to support our farmers by buying organic cotton products for your home needs. Not just that, you get to track the journey of your warm cottons right back to the farms, with C-Trak.

Supporting Fair-Trade and Organic Farming – Our Farmer’s pride!

With much effort spent on the making of a single cotton crop, it is indeed our responsibility to honour our farmers’ passion to grow organically. To do so, we at The Creative Texture use 100% organic cotton to make our famed luxury range of cotton products. By using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, we strive to empower our farmers in our own humble way.

Our farmers continue to inspire us with their many efforts to produce pure cotton, untouched by chemicals, while also conserving nature. Adopting nature-friendly cotton cultivation methods like sowing virgin untreated cotton seeds, using soil-friendly manures, inter-cropping to remove weeds and drive away insects, following natural defoliation practices and traditional water-conservation methods, our farmers grow 100% pure cotton which we use in the making of The Creative Texture’s premium cotton range of products.

Adding to the welfare efforts we also support Fair-Trade, a noble venture by the global business community to care and encourage farmers and organic farming. Committed to Fair-Trade, we ensure that our farmer community stays empowered and backed-up economically and financially.

We have partnered with POGG (Pratima Organic Grower Group) - a NGO that works for the upliftment of the farmer community. As part of community program, we continue to support our farmers through welfare schemes like Free Seed distribution for farmers, Free Bicycle and Tractor distribution for farmers & family, Medical & Sanitation camps, Clean water source installation, Educational scholarships for farmers’ children and more.

At The Creative Texture, our farmers are our hero!

Our exotic India-born Suvin luxury cotton range!

Suvin is a crossbreed cotton created by Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR) by fusing the Indian-made Egyptian Karnak cotton called Sujata and St. Vincent sea island cotton. Sujata and St. Vincent together became Suvin cotton, famed for its long-staple and fine quality, mostly used as an exquisite line of fabric.

Suvin, India’s premium cotton variety is widely used in luxury range because of its high spinability and softness quotient. Suvin cotton is 38-40mm in length and 2.8 – 3.0 micronaire units with a spinability of 240s Ne to 300 Ne count of yarn, while other variety cottons can be spun only up to 10 Ne to 50 Ne yarn count. (Source: Cotton Association of India).

At The Creative Texture, we specialize in Suvin cotton manufacturing and in producing Suvin organic cotton products. Being an exotic variety, Suvin products have long durability, feels delicate and is safe & soft on skin. This quality makes our Suvin organic cotton, an exquisite offer from the house of The Creative Texture, much popular among our international clients.

Spring & Summer Collection Season 19

Colours are back!

It’s time to celebrate a blush of colour streaks with The Creative Texture. Explore our colour tunes of fabric from linens to organic cotton. All set to excite babies to kings, we have a deluge of home textile choices to see and fabrics to sink.

View our exquisite Spring & Summer Collection. Click to Explore.

Awarded as the Emerging SME of Coimbatore – One more colour to our Palette!

It was a big day for us. The Talk, a reputed media and thought leadership platform in India conducted Big Ideas Award at Coimbatore for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs on April 2018. The Talk identifies organizations under various categories, based on several criteria.

The awarding body honours organizations that out-perform both business wise and by values. Recognizing our efforts in producing Organic products, following eco-friendly sustainable manufacturing and supporting & adopting Green-energy practices, The Creative Texture was awarded as the Emerging SME of Coimbatore for the year 2018, by The Talk.