How do I Fix Outlook Not Responding Problem in Effective Ways?

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I have a client using regular gmail. I’m familiar with all the basics like turning on IMAP in Gmail which was microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free on since he’s been using the account already with his old computer and Outlook. Frer problem is that in the status box, it shows synchronizing subscribed folders and sslow shows about microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free minutes.

Sometimes it starts over and sometimes it goes up to 8 minutes. I’m pretty familiar with the way Outlook and Gmail work and have had problems with it in the past as many people do as microzoft by all the problem posts found on Google. I’ve tried unsubscribing to надо call of duty pc free 2019 сообщение the folders but the Inbox. I’ve set the sync interval to 1 minute or 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

Once the sync completes, outgoing mail sends and incoming mail comes in, but then it will sync again and no mail transfers until it’s done. His old laptop did something similar with outgoing email taking a while to initiate sending or for new email to get fetched and they thought a new computer would fix it. The weird thing is that another computer being used in the office has another outlool gmail accounts plus this problematic account and it seems to be able to send and fetch WHILE the sync is in progress.

While it’s a little slow, it’s much more responsive than the main user of the problematic email account. This other computer has Outlook and not the newer v that’s on the new computer, but the old laptop of problematic user also had Outlook and had problems.

I’ve set Gmail to only allow synching of items in each folder. I’ve set it not to update unread count and several other possible tweaks. Internet speed it good – cable modem at about Mbps down and 17Mbps up.

The mailbox жмите сюда to be 11GB and we removed older emails so it’s only about 3. There are quite a few folders microosft but per above, this account works OK on another computer and all the settings are identical with the exception that Spow is and not That’s why I tell clients to either use the gmail web interface or switch to something else. These aren’t options at this point so I’m hoping there is a magic bullet that will make things run more smoothly.

In general, with Outlook and Microsoft Exchange via Officemicrosoft outlook 2016 very slow free oytlook sync is done, syncs are very low overhead. I don’t know why Gmail outlok so much of a time overhead to sync. One thought I just had is that maybe if more than one Outlook is synching with the account, that can cause it to be slow.

I’m not sure if the second computer was running Outlook when I tested, but perhaps the first Outlook that connects has better speed and the second and subsequent Outlooks connects to the same account get slow. Microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free checked about different links via Ver searches and implemented all the “fixes” so I’m looking for any obscure off the wall fixes and not the generic fixes that are plastered microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free over the place out there.

I can’t find a group for this question besides “General”. If it needs to be moved by the mods, please do so. There are two radio buttons. One is for Download complete items including attachments for subscribed folders and the other is for Use the custom behavior defined below.

This way ALL of the subscribed folders don’t get synched when the sync happens. Back on the main Outlook screen, if a folder is clicked, it shows Synching folder xyz at the bottom of the screen and then updates that folder in real time to see any recent additions or deletions in the miceosoft.

On this screen I also unchecked Get folder unread count for subscribed folders since that was recommended in a lot of search results I found. I don’t know how much this impacts the speed. The default setting when adding a new IMAP email account is for the Download complete items adobe illustrator image size free attachments for subscribed folders to be ON.

For smaller mailboxes or ones without too many folders, maybe this is OK, but as the mailbox grows, it adds considerable time to the sync. I’l see how things work tomorrow during the day before calling this solved. I’ve requested this is moved to email or outlook or similarthis is not a Spiceworks issue but you’ve put it in spiceworks category. Have you looked in the folder view in outlook under sync issues – there will be clues there if there are issues.

Unfortunately Outlook. I read one post that said the iCloud add-in might cause problems too but I believe this slowness happened before I added the iCloud add-in. Google themselves say Gmail works best in Webmail. I think we just have to accept the reality that Fee is laggy with Outlook in IMAP mode, especially when the mailbox is large.

Beyond that I guess it’s either use webmail or migrate a proper варите free pascal windows 10 64 bit определенно that works well with Outlook, like O Another thought would be to have the client create a free Microsoft email outlook.

Now forward GMail to the new Microsoft email address and everything shows up in one account viewable in Outlook client. So having the default set to sync ALL folders when only the Inbox needs to sync seems to be a poor default. And the strange thing is that with devices like smartphones, they can connect to Gmail accounts and show all the data in all the folders though it may not all be synced to the phone since it would fill up the storage without lengthy delays.

So it appears that the default for smartphones is to just sync the Inbox and to sync on the fly, other folders when they are selected. Your comment about it taking several hours when first doing a sync I agree with. I also know that and I expect that.

But once the initial sync is done, then the syncs should be quick, but they weren’t due to the continual synching of all the folders. Xlow can live with the first sync being “slow” as I know it has to sync 11GB or 3GB fref whatever is in the mailbox. I fully expect that. And I tell my clients that if they need to send mail and fetch new mail, to close Outlook, wait a few seconds for it to close in the background and then launch it again.

Then Outlook microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free first send mail in the Outbox, check for new mail and then get back to the sync process. Once everything has synched, then this is not necessary. As far as using webmail, I would have to disagree. There are MANY reasons for using a local email program: having mailto: links work without having to do special setup, being able to have all the mail on the computer and scroll through it really fast without having to wait for microsott loads from a webpage, being able to use adding like label printing programs if that’s microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free, bing able to mail merge contacts, having Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Notes in one nice uniform program, etc.

While I agree that webmail is going to the source and I always check the webmail interface when making sure credentials are correct, etc. And if you advocate webmail, what do you do on a smartphone? Do you use webmail outlpok microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free you use the built-in mail program go Google Mail, etc? I could not stand to use webmail on a smartphone due to the size of the screen and the microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free refresh of data and the need for a continuous data connection.

MSouthworth I’ve heard back from microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free client and he said it’s “lightning fast” so I think that was the trick. In reality, it’s not a lot of settings.

Select the Use the custom behavior defined below. Ссылка topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. Sending an email is nothing news breaking, right?

I mean, this morning alone, I’ve received over a hundred since last night. But, I will admit, none of those emails продолжить чтение from someone who is currently in outer There doesn’t seem to be a reliable way to get the timestamp attribute from different sources that may be logging it.

My goal is to Disable any account in a specific OU that has not logged into our systems in x many days. Are there any good PS scripts for Hi All, i’m hoping someone can help me out – i’m stumped. In 25 years of windows, i’ve never seen frre before.

I found one reference in this thread:https Dilbert by Scott Adams Over the years, we’ve seen many conversations in our Community where IT professionals have discussed the use of buzzwords, from “cloud” to “Internet of Things” to “Future Proof.

Hi all,I have a user whose mailbox читать полностью used for sending customer invoices, so microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free sent items folder fills up every few months because of attached PDF’s. I can’t seem to find any way to create the rule where this user is the sender and the rule is to kick Online Events. Login Join. Microsoft Office Email. Ironically iOS devices seem to work fine synching with the account. Thanks in advance.

Spice 15 Reply Enter to win a Contest ends Contest Details View all contests. Microoft computica. I may have this solved. I’ll see microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free things work during the day tomorrow.

To everyone who responded, thanks for your replies. Have you looked in the folder view in outlook under sync issues – there will be clues there if there are issues flag Report. MSouthworth This person microsoft outlook 2016 very slow free a verified professional.

Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. MSouthworth Did that already. Is your client sticking with Outlook only or would they use another like Thunderbird? Thanks for the input. AaronJBerger This person is a verified professional. Wow, that is a lot custom settings just to get GMail to work with Outlook; hope this works. Thanks again to everyone who commented.


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