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The Nintendo DS still holds up as the console with most main Pokemon games available. And arguably some of the best titles in the series were released back then.

This title is one of my fan favorites and for a lot of reasons. And let’s keep our fingers crossed we’ll get a remake of this someday, instead of yet another Gen 1 remake, please. The plot is pretty much the same as in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, as usual in these third entries in the series. Team Galaxy is trying to take control over Dialga and Palkia, the and then control some of the most important forces of the universe, time and space.

These tend to mix all the things from the previous two titles, Diamond and Pearl in this case, and add some new stuff too. Platinum is no exception, it does exactly this, and doesn’t really add much to the game. Not to mention the extended plot which makes it more enjoyable too, and adds game hours. If you were to choose only one game between Diamond and Pearl, you should just go for platinum instead. The improved version of these two that mixes them up and adds extra content. However, as interesting as the game can be, the collectibles and minigames, it’s true that the game feels outdated, and it always has.

Adding new combat types and mini-games wasn’t really enough, and the game doesn’t do justice to its own world. The title has a lot of potentials, so it’s easy to see why a remake of this is necessary. There’s the excuse that it’s the first time they were trying to combine 2D and 3D into the series, but it doesn’t end up good. The sprites are outdated, the ground grid is more noticeable and the 3D scenarios are awkward. Gameplay: One of the best elements the game has to offer is definitely this.

It’s one of the most innovative games in the series. Sound: Just like the Visuals, the sound is terrible. Sure, there’s some good music, but the low sound quality opaques that. It’s hard to enjoy these screeching sounds. It doesn’t do justice to the DS sound capabilities. This is based on a Japanese island and as a result, the game has a very Japanese feel to it which I think is pretty cool.

The most notable being two new characters are added to the story in Looker and Charon. By the way, if you pick anyone other than Piplup we cannot be friends. As is always the case you get dragged into an adventure. The Sinnoh setting makes for some great exploration ranging from snowy mountains to underground caverns. You will explore the open area from a top down perspective. You will have to manage things in the menus and then, of course, you have the battles.

Back in the day, it was big in the online community. As this is the Nintendo DS, this service is sadly no longer available. Browse games Game Portals. Pokemon Platinum.

Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Overall rating: 8. Pokemon Colosseum. GameFabrique RPGs , Pokemon Games.


Pokemon game pc free download windows 10

RPCS3 is an open-source PC emulator for PlayStation 3 that allows you to play favorite PS3 games on Windows PC. Read the Guide. Component, Minimum Requirements, Recommended Specifications. Operating System, Windows 7 SP2+, Windows 7 SP2+. Processor, Intel Core 2 Duo E or AMD. Pokemon Uranium offline game PC is a free action RPG video game made in RPG Maker XP by fangame Uranium Team. This is an awesome game like Pokemon Emerald.


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