Track back your cotton with C-Trak

Transparency is another form of gratification.

At The Creative Texture, we are passionate about our products and pride over its purity and comfort. Adding a personal touch to our products, we have introduced a cotton traceability system, the C-Trak App, a humble way of gratifying our customers with our hallmark assurance of quality.

With C-Trak on their smart phones, customers can simply scan the QR code in the label and view the journey of their cotton product, tracking all the way back to the farm. C-Trak presents comprehensive details about the cotton, the farmer, the location of the farm, including the artisans and factory workers involved in the making of the product.

The objective of C-Trak is to encourage and support organic farming. Organically grown cotton not only has health benefits but also helps in conserving nature’s goodness. Farmers forego several tempting yet harmful practices and choose green-conscious cultivation methods to produce eco-friendly organic cotton.

By opting to buy organic cotton, farmers reap the benefits directly for their green-efforts, and that’s why we use only organic cotton for our pure cotton range of products. As a consumer, you too can choose to support our farmers by buying organic cotton products for your home needs. Not just that, you get to track the journey of your warm cottons right back to the farms, with C-Trak.