Our exotic India-born Suvin luxury cotton range!

Suvin is a crossbreed cotton created by Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR) by fusing the Indian-made Egyptian Karnak cotton called Sujata and St. Vincent sea island cotton. Sujata and St. Vincent together became Suvin cotton, famed for its long-staple and fine quality, mostly used as an exquisite line of fabric.

Suvin, India’s premium cotton variety is widely used in luxury range because of its high spinability and softness quotient. Suvin cotton is 38-40mm in length and 2.8 – 3.0 micronaire units with a spinability of 240s Ne to 300 Ne count of yarn, while other variety cottons can be spun only up to 10 Ne to 50 Ne yarn count. (Source: Cotton Association of India).

At The Creative Texture, we specialize in Suvin cotton manufacturing and in producing Suvin organic cotton products. Being an exotic variety, Suvin products have long durability, feels delicate and is safe & soft on skin. This quality makes our Suvin organic cotton, an exquisite offer from the house of The Creative Texture, much popular among our international clients.