Heimtextil 2023

Heimtextil 2023

Get connected with Nature! TCT Linens unleashes fresh new designs of fashion beddings’ woven in complete harmony with nature.

Bands of Newport

Inspired by the sunny ocean and the striking pleats of the sail on the horizon, sets in a perfect mood to relax. The beautiful sight of the Yachts with stripes sails anchored on the port inspired our designer to produce this splendid ensemble using the best matured linen fibers!

Enjoy a relaxed sleep on our 100% linen bedding while the natural fiber takes care of your soft skin against allergens! Feels cozy in winter and cool in summer.

Pleas-ted scape

Pleats are stylish & colonial! The rich & vibrant earth inspired colors are derived from natural sources. The classic variable pleat design delivers a signature appeal to your own personal space.  We have crafted this bed using the best extra-long staple cotton with unique weave techniques to provide you an intimate sleep!

Haze of Nature

Inspired by the ruffles of the woods, we have created a puff to your bed. Youthful yet grounded strongly to values. This ensemble is a reflection of your unique style with responsibility. The seersuckers provide a perfect match to your dream home and leaves no residues on the mother earth!