Eco-Friendly Home Textile – We cannot afford to Ignore

Eco-friendly textiles come in a wide range of options, from organic natural fibers to highly-engineered man-made fabrics. “Eco-friendly” has become a trend in Textile industry as its seen as a environmentally harmful sector. It’s very evident at most bands like Marks and Spencer, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target has started promoting the Eco-friendly home textiles – ensuring the future of Home textile lies in use of environment friendly fibers, dyes and Chemicals. Some buyers have started looking for items made with wool (like alpaca), linen, organic cotton, jute, hemp, recycled polyester and lyocell.

India is the largest producer of organic cotton and thus cotton based home textiles that are natural and environmentally friendly.

How is it done?

Легке налаштування мобільних ігор казино

У більшості випадків гравцям промокоди Slots City Україна достатньо завантажити легкий мобільний додаток, щоб отримати доступ до своїх улюблених мобільних ігор. Ніяких навичок чи досвіду не потрібно. Час, необхідний для налаштування облікового запису, також зазвичай дуже короткий, якщо ви надаєте відповідну інформацію.

Однією з важливих переваг є те, що гравці можуть отримати його з мобільної гри. Справа в тому, що вам не потрібно входити в обліковий запис кожного разу, коли вам потрібно грати. Ваш ігровий обліковий запис можна захистити за допомогою функцій безпеки телефону, наприклад кодів розблокування. Гравці можуть вільно використовувати один обліковий запис на кількох пристроях.

Changes were made from use of Eco-friendly dye’s(usually made from vegetables) instead of Chemical Dye’s , using Manure instead of fertilizers, avoiding GMO/BT Cotton seeds, removing weeds using hand instead of herbicides, Pest control through natural predators – ensuring Eco-friendly Cotton that is safe to environment and human. The demand for such dye’s & Chemicals have increased considerably with India and China the major consumer of this Eco-friendly chemicals/Dyes

Creating awareness……..

One thing that we need to look at is, make buyer aware towards using of sustainable brands, look for labels like Oeko-Tex, CO2 Logic, and Global Organic Textile Standard (or GOTS) as well as educate them and be transparent (on how the industry keeps track of the whole process from Seed-cultivation-harvest-production-shipping. Let’s you know where your cotton came from) – C-track from TCT Linen being one such initiative.

Why is it necessary?

  • to Protect consumers from harmful substances
  • to Protect factory workers from harmful substances
  • to Protect the environment and built a better world for tomorrow
  • to Reduce production of harmful substances
  • to Encourage innovation for green materials
  • It’s a Corporate Social Responsibility
  • It Increase sales

Eco Friendly labels in Home textiles

MST (Markenzeichen Schadstoffgeprufter Textile) – products made in Germany stating the properties of textile.
OEKO- TEX Standard 100 – This standard has different product classes. Like Product class I, II, III & IV. The standards are given by the Austrian Textile Research Institute and the German “Hohenstein Research Institute”

(GOTS) Global Organic Textile Standard – Once parameters like production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, exportation, importation and distribution of natural fibers standards are met – The product is awarded with GOTS Standard.

Using products that does not harm animals, does not involve children, ensures fair wages among employees and does not deter the natural environment can be termed as sustainable lifestyle. The biggest challenge we face is lack of awareness of sustainable textiles. Let’s start educating the industry and ensure that we all follow Eco-friendly processes to provide Eco-friendly products to the consumer

Go Green Initiative by TCT Linens

We are committed to weaving a better future – by preserving nature through strictly following Eco-friendly processes ensuring a cleaner and greener world.

Some of our initiative’s
* Use of Eco-friendly dyes/Chemicals in our process

* Major use of Sustainable Cotton – strictly following GOTS Standard
* Water-Wise – Rain water harvesting & save water by following eco-friendly processes.

* Renewable energy & focus on efficient use of energy (e.g., Windmill/Solar power)

* Recycling

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