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Play the second sequel of this modern race in 3D. Just play online, no download. Or try other free games from our website. Download Age of Speed 2 – 3D for Linux – Master the futuristic race tracks in Space as you tackle loop the loops, huge jumps and corkscrews.


Age of speed 2 free for pc.Age Of Speed 2


I’ve been a fan of the first The Need For Speed game for considerably longer than most. How so? W Yes, I know. But that’s a different story, so back to The Need For Speed, and just for those who never even got to see the original game even on the pcmaybe a brief outline would be in order Six tracks : The Need For Speed contained six tracks, which doesn’t sound like a particularly big deal until I tell you that three of these weren’t ‘closed circuits’, but were in fact proper open roads.

Eight vehicles : Or eight ‘flash motors’, of which could be bought – if rich enough – from real-life car showrooms: a Porschefor example: a Ferrari something-or-other; a Lamborghini Diablo: and so on. All the cars, incidentally or so they saidhandled in a realistic manner. I can’t vouch for that, but I can add that they certainly differed greatly from one to another. My fave was the Porsche, ‘cos the back end was twitchy. Traffic : The selling point!

Two way traffic! Читать далее to overtake on age of speed 2 free for pc blind corner at isomph, and, more importantly, oncoming cars to smash into on that same blind corner.

Some of the crashes were stunning, and there was a comprehensive replay mode. Filth : Overtake a cop car at over ssmph and a car chase ensued, with you, obviously, as the chasee.

More : And there was more, but I want to end this paragraph and tell you what was crap about the game. Cue the next paragraph Crap things about The Need For Speed Okay, due to the design of the game engine the roads could only be viewed from one direction.

It was possible to drive Cthe wrong way’, but in doing so you could only access the exterior car view, meaning you were constantly driving towards yourself, your joystick, and your monitor screen, with not a clue as to what bend or road vehicle was coming up next. Another slightly crap thing about the game engine was that it tended, occasionally, to give you that Cstreamed straight from cd’ feeling.

You know? Like when you’re confined to a small lateral area, and the scenery is being shoved at you? Onto the age of speed 2 free for pc intelligence of the computer-controlled road users, then, and it wasn’t brilliant. The general two-way traffic had pretty much no ai whatsoever, although oncoming cars would beep at you when you Cscared’ them just like real-life ones do, ho ho.

Oh, and the coppers weren’t overly bright either And as for the computer-controlled competitors, age of speed 2 free for pc the best word to use here would be Cpredictable’.

They’d block and they’d shunt, but you tended to know where and when to expect this behaviour. I’ve got age of speed 2 free for pc incredibly unfinished version of the game which contains a couple of courses, but with no trackside scenery: just roads suspended in space, in other words. No Ctraffic’ in it, either, but I was able to do the main thing you can t download exe files windows 10 do in the original – namely drive the wrong way microsoft outlook tutorial 2016 the track.

So, an age of speed 2 free for pc game engine then, I bet. Let me just check the press release for details. Reads for five minutes. Yes, I was right, it’s an all-new rendering engine. I’ll paraphrase some of the other just-gleaned nuggets of info before I forget them. Righto, firstly is the fact that there’s going to be a hell of a lot of Coffroad freedom’ this time. I’ve already said that you can drive the wrong way, but apparently this is as nothing: there are to be short-cuts and alternative routes, some obvious, some harder to find.

Ramps, too, and also loads of unusual terrain, plus interactive roadside objects. Add to this the Call new revamped instant replay system’ and things are beginning to sound very groovy indeed what with the proper degree view of the track allowing for panning cameras rather than just Cbehind the car’ jobs. But what about the actual track visuals? Where’s the game set?

Well, it sounds as if things are a bit more cosmopolitan this time around, not to mention surreal or naff – time will tell. No longer are we confined to the States, because age of speed 2 free for pc programmers, and I quote: have taken areas of the world that they believe would provide a captivating driving experience, and have compressed all the distinctive characteristics of these regions – much like a caricature – into the courses.

In other words, they’ve done stuff like take Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the desert roads of the outback and spliced them into the Australian track. Likewise they’ve taken twisty regeneration pc game free roads, ice caves, Tibetan villages, swinging rope bridges and scrunched them all into the Himalayan Track.

If England’s in there, I bet you a zillion pounds that Big Ben will feature. And the cars themselves? Eight supercars, some of which are actual production vehicles, some взято отсюда which are Cconcept’ cars. If the early code we’ve seen is anything to go by, TNFS2 looks to be shaping up very nicely indeed. Not only will it sport all of the playability of the first game, but the developers claim that it’ll run around 30 per cent faster in glorious hi-res and will also feature extensive multi-player and Internet modes.

I can see those pile-ups now. The Need for Speed 2 is the follow-up to perhaps the best arcade racing game to come along in several years. In order to fully understand this review, you must separate in your mind arcade racers like this one from racing simulations.

Racing sims are aiming to provide the most realistic driving experience imaginable. Not so with the Need for Speed games. The main point here is to drive The true test of this sequel, then, age of speed 2 free for pc be a direct comparison to its predecessor.

And trying to improve upon a great game is a daunting task indeed. The best thing about the original Age of speed 2 free for pc for Speed microsoft works 6-9 file converter free download its wildness.

How exhilarating it is to whip around a corner and smash into an RV head-on, flipping bumper-over-bumper ten times before you come to a rest then having the option to watch the whole thing on your replay video. Of course, it’s better when your friend passes you first — then you watch him get thrashed and flip over your head as you continue on to win the race.

But either way you end up laughing your guts out at the sketchup pro bim 2018 free download craziness and excitement of the whole experience. Unfortunately, Need for Speed 2 tones down the fun recklessness. It’s harder to flip your car in NFS 2, and when you do manage it, you’ll maybe flip once or twice and then start over with a fresh set of wheels. Remember in Need for Speed when you crashed head-on and you got a great side view camera shot of your car flipping and flipping off into the sunset?

You’ll microsoft office professional plus 2010 crack freefree it here, no doubt about that. It seems like the designers of Need for Speed 2 went for a little more realism, but the result is a little less fun. The feel of driving the cars is fairly similar to that in the original, with a few notable exceptions. The handling of age of speed 2 free for pc cars in general is more touchy, and it’s frustratingly easy to spin out and then spin out again trying to correct yourself.

I don’t like to spin out, especially in a close race. Not to say this wasn’t an issue with NFS, but there it was more a matter of getting back on the road and out of the rough, not figuring out which way you should be going.

Granted, NFS 2 includes a читать больше light that blinks if you head the wrong way, but why should you need it?

Yet perhaps my biggest disappointment with NFS 2 was its complete lack of road courses. In the original, you had a few tracks, and then you had the roads Alpine, Http://, Coast.

I had a lot more fun driving the roads, especially in a head-to-head match with oncoming traffic. You can choose to have oncoming traffic in the NFS 2 tracks, but it’s not the same. You can’t do that in a track race. Enhanced, no doubt about it. This is age of speed 2 free for pc the only major revision that stood out enough to get my attention.

Of course, the graphics in the original NFS were outstanding for its day two years age of speed 2 free for pc The overall look is crisper, the animation smoother, the colors richer, and the details more noticeable, even on my lowly Diamond Stealth The only bad part is that there are no pixelated deer standing by the side of the road for you to try to turn into roadkill didn’t anyone ever make a patch that would allow you to hit those deer in the NFS Alpine track?!

This is EA we’re talking about, so as you can guess, the sound is outstanding. Great quality, rocking music, and I swear that when I was driving the Isedra, the squeals from my tires were eerily in harmony with the ethereal background music Nice illustrations, a fairly thorough description of game options, but nothing else worth mentioning. The crisp graphics and excellent sound make Need for Speed 2 a solid game by anybody’s standards. Nevertheless, prepare to be a little disappointed with the gameplay if you’re a big fan of the original Need for Speed.

If you’ve never played the original and are looking for a fun head-to-head arcade racer, you may want to start with Need for Speed and wait a while on the sequel. Last year’s smash hit racing game now has a sequel: 8 new cars, new international tracks, new graphics, arcade and simulation modes, and car customization are all highlights of this second generation title.

But does this game live up to the reputation of the orginal Need for Speedor will it leave you wanting more? The age of speed 2 free for pc Need for Speed was solid. It had cool tracks, cars that were available to the general public, and decent gameplay.

The graphics were decent and the game was downright fun. All they needed to do for this game to be a success was to add a few new cars, some new tracks, clean up the graphics a tad, and tighten the controls.

No problem, right? Apparently not. In fact, the sequel falls far short of the strengths of the original game. Let’s start off with the cars. The thing I liked about the original game was that the cars were not untouchable. Sure, they were all big dollars, but I had seen every one of the cars on the road at least once.


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